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Learning & Evaluation Process

  • Contains quizzes and written exercises with accompanying answer keys, (*) quizzes will not be graded. It is the learner's responsibility to self-monitor progress.
  • You may contact our training department at any time should you have questions or concerns about the content you are studying.
  • Each unit (except Units One and Sixteen) provides graphics to aid in the learning process.
  • To obtain certification in Medical Knowledge and Terminology, you must achieve a successful score of 70% or better in our two-hour online examination. The test items correspond directly to the subject matter contained in the course
  • This course is not interactive.
  • We have included an audio aid for certain words that may be difficult to say or to understand when heard – if you click on these words, your audio will provide you with their correct pronunciation.

To view a sample of the Medical Knowledge and Terminology course, please see the Sample Workbook. Please note that audio elements have been disabled. The samples provided are brief pieces taken from different units. They do not represent the full scope or depth of the complete workbook and are offered for evaluation purposes only.

(*)The quizzes in Unit One are embedded throughout the section's course material. The quizzes in other units are provided at the end of each section.