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SUMMER2014 Multicultural Association of
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Multicultural Stories

medical system is better here. and subjective. It all boils down to what
Having ranted enough about the the needs and priorities of the person are,
negative stuff, I would like now to express what their reasons to come here are. What
my deepest appreciation and gratitude for were the reasons that drove them away
having been given the chance to experience from their country of origin and what they
what a well functioning public sector looks left behind or not? What their dreams and
and feels like. aspirations are and how they envision their
What would have taken most Greek lives and their future. What has heart and
people, especially Athenians, at least meaning for them, what they can or cannot
3-4 days to complete because of Greek do without? One man’s paradise may be
bureaucracy and endless hours of another’s hell and vice versa.
driving back and forth in crazy traffic and Fort McMurray is a town where people
suffocating pollution, can be accomplished come for the money mostly, for a finite
here in 25 minutes!... length of time and then go back or move
The simplicity, efficiency and common elsewhere to live, or work like crazy and
sense of the Canadian bureaucratic endure the conditions in order to spend the
system- apart from a few admittedly odd money they make on holidays in warmer
exceptions - is something that I truly admire climates.
and cannot help but wonder why we Greeks Having said that, the beautiful places
are incapable of applying ourselves to in usually have high unemployment and low
Greece. wages, and this is what drives people away
Something that touched me deeply is and to Fort McMurray: necessity. If you think
the equality of opportunity, the meritocracy, about it, it is a shame for this town, because
the respect for the citizen, things close to it is ‘invaded’ by people who need its money,
non-existent back home. Not that there are take it and leave to spend it elsewhere. It is
no exceptions to this in a positive way, nor a shame because this town could develop
that it is all rosy here either, but in general a better building plan so as to become a
terms, Canada is a well – oiled machine proud beautiful Northern heaven.
that functions well for the most part. The Unfortunately - in my humble opinion-
stressors here are of a totally different kind building more impersonal large malls
and these –for me - are the freezing cold and commercial buildings for the big
weather, the long dark winters, the harsh business will not create that sense of
climatic conditions and the problems these community needed for people to acquire
may cause, and of course the existence of the sense of belonging needed for them
wild animals. to choose to make Fort McMurray their
Another thing that amazed me here is place of permanent residence. Yet the
how friendly and approachable people are, encouragement of small businesses and
how willing to help and considerate they the creation of focal points, as well as the
are. This is something that large cities like twinning of highway 63 and improvement of
Athens have lost. Outwardly it seems that medical care might.
it is very hard to make friends here, yet
once you get to meet a few people and get
involved in activities, everything changes
Having said that, and it is up to you to pursue the friendship

the beautiful places more or not. They are very discreet and
usually have high polite, and extreeeeemely patient!
To conclude there are pros and cons in
unemployment every place and these are both objective
and low wages
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