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SUMMER2014UMMER2014 Multicultur
Multicultural Association of al Association of
Wood Buffaloood Buffalo
Wood Buffalo is the epitome of multiculturalism. Our cultural intersections shape 3-6
shift and enrich us every day, whether recently arrived or have roots that go back Multicultural Stories
several years, many generations. A Greek in Fort McMurray
Though we may travel our own cultural corridors, there are an incredible number of Emma Stathopoulos
points of intersection everyday in our city between people of entirely different cultural
backgrounds. 7
How do these intersections influence us? What kind of patterns of behavior and Friends across borders
lifestyle evolve as a result? How do we relate to one another and build our sustainable Are Cultural Differences
community enriched by each interaction? REALLY Differences?
Veronica & Temi
You are invited to be part of
Confluence by contributing a story, picture 8
Email your contribution
or poem about your everyday experience of Work Spaces
to Mary Thomas at
multiculturalism on the streets, in workplaces Who do you believe when you
or social events etc. in Wood Buffalo. come to a new country?
or call us Marie Gervais
at 780 791 5186
My favourite Cultural Dish
Paella style rice with chicken
Krystell O’Hara

Sounding board
Message from The time crunch:
the President mending our lives
Literally Speaking
Poetry from the community
elcome to our Summer and Third issue of Confluence!
In the very short time I spent with the Multicultural Association, 12
Wone thing that stood out for me is the tireless work that our busy staff, A message of Health
board members and volunteers do each week in order to create rich cultural and Teaching your child playground
multicultural experiences in our community. safety rules will help them avoid
Joining the board in an interim president role after Ed’s transition to Calgary, I injury
had big shoes to fill with an organization I knew very little about. In a few weeks, Terri Flemmer
I found myself and our board of directors knee-deep into fine tuning Bylaws, 13-14
reviewing and approving policies upon policies in preparation for Imagine Canada Activities
Accreditation, approving financial statements, recruiting new board members
and running a successful AGM. All within a month’s time or less!
It was such a joy to see interest amongst the public in our work and programs and
to experience five nominations from the floor at the AGM for the 3 board positions
available. This is when I knew that Ed, Mary, the board and the staff have done one Multicultural Association of
Wood Buffalo
heck of a job building strong stakeholder and cultural group-engagement. Executive Director: Mary Thomas
It is too soon for me to boast successes of the organization in my time as Program Development Manager:
President being as it were my official 4th day in the role ;) but I am confident of Caitlin Downie
the current health of the organization and its programs. I am very much looking Outreach Co-ordinator: Vicky Augustin
forward to working closely with our board executives on orienting the new board Event and Volunteer Coordinator:
members, understanding and aligning on the scope of our mandate and activating Krystell O’Hara
Administrative Assistant: Jyothi Muthal
governance structures on the board to enable the association to strategically Board of Directors: Sana Elache, Jonathan
execute our mandate and create high value programming for our community. Song, Sara Florez, Ramazan Nassery,
Kouame Adie, Cindy Julaton, Don Grose,
Sana Elache Rita Zhan, Paul McWilliams, Doug Nicholls
President, Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo and Alexandra Tarasenco

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