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SPRING2014 Multicultural Association of
Wood Buffalo
Travel to my country

most bio-diverse country in the world after flowers in the traffic lights, sometimes
Brazil, and its proximity to both the Atlantic even street dances or music shows. How
and the Pacific, four mountain ranges and resourceful the people in Colombia are, if
vast plains, as well as thousands of miles of they cannot find a job they find a way to
rainforest, exerts a powerful hold. feed their families and sustain themselves,
At Santa Rosa de Cabal hot springs to I thought to myself.
the background of yellow daylilies and It was eye-opening and I learned to ap-
purple princess flowers in the dramatic preciate very deeply what I have in Canada.
tropical foliage, I was even able to get a foot On the other hand, it surprises me how
massage imbibing the 20 shades of green even the common people in Colombia
and watching wisps of cappuccino-like can be so happy and how a small event
It was sad to froth flutter off the tips of the falls. It was can make the experience so much fun. I

leave again but I practically a meditation. think this is all because of the family love
IberoAmerican Theatre Festival hosted
and community affection, spending time
had made up my in April brings music, arts, dances and a together with friends. It was sad to leave
mind and I knew masquerading carnival to the city adding again but I had made up my mind and I
that we have to an array of colour, and excitement to the knew that we have to sacrifice some things
sacrifice some summer streets in Bogota. like being close to the family, which was the
I have to admit that it was quite a shock
most difficult part for me. But it is worth it
things like being for me when I saw so many people in the to have a better future and be able to sup-
close to the family, city, the traffic jams, etc. it frightened me port my family.
which was the because I had gotten used to living in a I am grateful and proud to be a Canadian
most difficult part small city. It was also sad to see what some citizen and being able to afford trips to

for me of the poor people have to do to provide Colombia to visit my family and friends and
food for their families, like selling food or enjoy the culture of my home country.

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