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SPRING2014 Multicultural Association of
Wood Buffalo

Wood Buffalo is the epitome of multiculturalism. Our cultural intersections shape 3-4
shift and enrich us every day, whether recently arrived or have roots that go back Multicultural Stories
several years, many generations. From Vasai to Fort McMurray
Though we may travel our own cultural corridors, there are an incredible number of Naveen Patel
points of intersection everyday in our city between people of entirely different cultural
backgrounds. 5-6
How do these intersections influence us? What kind of patterns of behavior and Travel to my country
Cultured in Colombia: my trip
lifestyle evolve as a result? How do we relate to one another and build our sustainable
back home
community enriched by each interaction?
Marleny Sloan
You are invited to be part of
Confluence by contributing a story, picture 7
or poem about your everyday experience of Email your contribution Work Spaces
multiculturalism on the streets, in workplaces to Mary Thomas at Getting a Handle on Mentoring
or social events etc. in Wood Buffalo. Bruce Switzer
or call us 8
at 780 791 5186 My favourite Cultural Dish
Olivia Salad (Persian Dish)
Mary Thomas

A message of Health
Comforting your crying baby
Kristie Rosenthal and
Erica Rietveld
Message from 10
the President Sounding board
Parenting Q&A
elcome to the Spring issue of Confluence! Literally Speaking
Multiculturalism has many facets and the purpose of Confluence is Poetry from the community
Wto highlight some of these elements in our region. In our 29th year, the
Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo continues to expand our programs and 11-12
events thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, donors and volunteers and the Activities
exceptional commitment of our staff. We are also increasing our communication Multicultural EXPO - 2014
with schools, members and the public through Inter-School competitions, social International Day for the
Elimination of Racial
media, TV show on cultural diversity “The World meets in Wood Buffalo” and Discrimina tion
publications such as Confluence.
Whether through our annual EXPO, the monthly cookery classes or cultural
performances, MCA promotes our community’s cultural mosaic. We provide op-
portunities for everyone to participate and learn more about the rich diversity of
our region. Multicultural Association of
Wood Buffalo
Our latest and very successful initiative is hosting the welcome reception for
the official citizenship ceremonies conducted by Citizenship and Immigration Executive Director: Mary Thomas
Canada several times a year. It’s a very special day as we welcome hundreds Program Development Manager:
of newcomers who converge here from all parts of the world. Frequently we Caitlin Downie
have round table discussions about the new citizens’ hopes, aspirations and Outreach Co-ordinator: Vickey Augustin
experiences. As well we talk about what it means to be a Canadian citizen, a Executive Assistant: Krystell O’Hara
discussion that all of us should have from time to time. Board of Directors: Ed Kamps, Jonathan
Song, Sara Florez, Ramazan Nassery,
Hope to see you at any of our upcoming events. Kouame Adie, Cindy Julaton, Don Grose and
Ed Kamps Rita Zhan
President, Multicultural Association of Wood Buffalo

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